Photos shot in a studio give you far greater control over essential elements like lighting. So whether you’re a professional photographer, keen amateur or producer commissioning a photographic shoot, hiring a studio will give you the best chance of getting great images every time.

Hiring a studio need not be an expensive task as no matter what your requirements, we're sure to have something special to catch your eye. Here at Studio49 we offer a price that is hard to match

The studio is just under 100 square metres and is fully equipped with professional flash systems for all to use, included with each hire.

Numerous props are available and we offer a selection of wardrobes and outfits to use during your photoshoot. A separate kitchen and changing room is available too. Depending on the shoot and equipment being utilised there is enough room for 10-15 people.

If you wish, you may use one of our photographers to control the shoot and the studio is provided in this fee. The studio is available 24/7.

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